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Virtual School


Welcome to the Prepare 4 Success Virtual School website
- Designed to provide you with additional support whenever you need it.

Virtual Schools were made statutory in each authority within England due to their success in supporting children in care achieve greater progress, outcomes and success at school.

All children in care, from nursery up to the end of Post 16 or full time education for whom Bath & North East Somerset are responsible, are tracked as though they were in a single school.

We work with carers, social care, SEND, a multitude of organisations and over 100 different schools and colleges to focus on each individual child or young person to help them achieve their potential. In Bath and North East Somerset the name of the virtual school is ‘Prepare for Success’ and the fantastic logo was designed by one of our primary children in care.

The Children and Social Care Act 2017 has added additional duties to the role of the virtual schools in England in regards to Post Care children.

As we are only a small team of recent school leaders, we wanted to create a website full of resources, useful links, statutory documentation, training and exemplar materials which can be accessed anywhere so you are able to receive immediate support whenever you need it. If there are other areas of information that we could add to the site, please contact us and let us know at

Full explanation of our work can be found within the website.