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Primary school

Primary school


All children in care have to have a PEP (personal education plan) that is reviewed 3 times a year. We have a strong ethos that early intervention is the key for future success. The Prepare for Success Virtual School try to attend as many PEPs as possible, particularly those new to care and those who are in the transition phase but we cannot attend all PEPs. It is essential that the designated teacher and social worker attend the PEP.

  • Our Guide to the PEP process:

    A Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a document held by schools and colleges which relates to a particular child and sets out their educational targets for attainment and achievement, and recommends how this will be done.

    PEP guide for primary

    PEP moderation for primary

    PEP exemplar for primary

    Read the pupil premium policy

    'Pupil's Views' for primary

  • Primary Designated Teachers Pack:

    The material below outlines the statutory responsibilities of the designated teacher, it also gives details on how to apply for special considerations for the SATs, our pupil premium policy and examples of case studies.

    Download our Primary Resource Pack P4S

  • Suggested reading:

    The books suggested here give practical strategies and ideas for support for all of our looked after children.

Resources to support children through difficult times:

Search and download documents in our resources section

Contact details for any queries that you may have:

The Phase leader for Primary is Sarah Gunner. Please feel free to contact her if you have any queries -