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The Role of the Prepare 4 Success Virtual School:

In Bath and North East Somerset the name of the virtual school is ‘Prepare for Success’.

We are a small team based in Keynsham Civic Centre and here at the Virtual School it is our role to work alongside carers to support the educational outcomes of all children who are looked after by BANES.

In practical terms this means we attend PEP meetings, are available for advice and guidance, run regular training and work closely with schools to ensure that the needs of our children are met.

On the website you can access examples of PEPs, resources to help support learning at home, resources to help support wellbeing and mental health and details of all of the training that we are currently offering.

We are more than happy to talk through any issues or concerns that any carer may have.

Resources to support reading, writing and numeracy at home:

Search and download documents in our resources section

Caring for carers

Please download our 'Caring for carers' information: 'Caring for carers' leaflet

  • Suggested reading:

    The books suggested here give practical strategies and ideas for support for all of our looked after children.

  • Support for children who are struggling at school or in the nursery setting:

    Many children find school difficult for lots of different reasons. Some of these children will have special educational needs and may require extra support in their setting. Always talk to their teacher or the virtual school if you have concerns. The following information will help you to support this conversation.

    Navigating the SEND system

    Introduction to the virtual school for potential foster carers and parents

    For further advice and support on all areas of support and activities for children with SEND please see the rainbow resources website