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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


The Prepare for Success Virtual School carries out PEPs for all children in care as soon as they start nursery. We have a strong ethos that early intervention is the key for future success. The materials suggested below can be used by practitioners, foster carers or adoptive parents.

  • Our Guide to the PEP process:

    A Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a document held by schools and colleges which relates to a particular child and sets out their educational targets for attainment and achievement, and recommends how this will be done.

    PEP guide for early years

    PEP moderation for early years

    PEP exemplar for early years

    'Pupil's Voice' for early years

    Read the pupil premium policy

  • Ideas for how to spend the Early Years Pupil Premium Plus to get the maximum impact:

    In the term after their third birthday, any child in an educational setting is entitled to the Early Years Pupil Premium Plus. For children in care this is allocated from the virtual school through the PEP process. For children prior to Reception Year this is currently £300.00 a year, for Reception children this is £2300.00 a year.

    Find out more about funding, including suggestions on how to use it efficiently.

  • Support for children with SEND:

    Not all children will make ‘expected’ progress, for a variety of reasons. Support for children with special education needs or disabilities can be accessed via the early years team.

    Visit the Early Years Team website.

Resources to support children through difficult times:

Search and download documents in our resources section

Contact details for any queries that you may have:

The Phase leader for Early Years is Julia Wallcroft. Please feel free to contact her if you have any queries -